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Commack Catering Inquiry

Plan your next event from Cabo Fresh! Having a group over for a fun evening and great food? Perfect for office luncheons, birthday parties, sleepovers, pool parties and more. Last minute event? No worries we are here for you! Contact us today about your future event.

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May 2022
How will you receive your Catering order ? Delivery available for 20 people or more ( Minimum $25 delivery charge )

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Bowl of rice topped with lettuce, corn, salsa, and meat next to a mandarin soda
Burrito wrapped in aluminum foil filled with rice, peppers, corn and lettuce
Bowl of rice topped with guacamole, corn, salsa, cheese and meat next to a cup of soda
Bowl of nachoes topped with lettuce, corn, jalapenos, salsa, and meat next to a grapefruit soda